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Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, Research & Students Affairs (DVC-ARSA)

Scaling Higher Academic Frontiers


Welcome to the Daystar University Academic Division page


The steady growth of Daystar University since inception in Kenya in 1974 has been a clear testimony of the strong foundation laid and skillful ‘materials’ used in building the institution. Indeed as recorded in 1 Corinthians 3:10, ‘Let each one take heed how he builds on this foundation that is already laid,’ I’m glad that each member of the Academic Division has embraced this call passionately.


The Academic Division has constantly been revising and developing new programs to align them to emerging and current issues and challenges. We perfectly understand, as JF Kennedy once said, that we now stand today at the edge of a new frontier. This new frontier is not a set of promises; it is a set of challenges. The division has taken these challenges positively, adjusting accordingly but still maintaining consistency to our Mission and Vision. The division has not only embraced sound policies and administrative structures but also ensured that strong academic programs and quality learning is maintained. Relevant quality programs have been developed to keep our graduates at the cutting edge of innovation and knowledge. When the institution was founded, we basically had 1 academic program (Communication) with a very lean staff. This has increased over the years to a faculty capacity of over 150 with several academic programs.


We also have a PhD program in Communication and anticipate having the PhD in Psychology and the Doctor of Psychology launched in January 2012. Enrolments have also increased from less than 100 students at inception to the current enrolment levels of about 4000 students. This is all testimony of quality structures and learner centered approaches we have maintained over the years. Our Science students have a state of the art laboratory that enhances their practical skills. For our Communication students, the Shine FM provides the much needed hands on experience. We also provide core-textbooks for each course undertaken by our students. This may not be a common practice in other institutions in the region.


Daystar University was founded on the principle of nurturing servant leaders for the transformation of Church and Society. We have remained true to this calling. The uniqueness of our programs has been in developing the total person. We strongly believe that real transformation (social, political or economic) can only be achieved by having the right people in place; People who, other than the relevant training, also have the moral and ethical maturity needed to propagate a just society. At Daystar, we have integrated faith and learning and maintained a strong mentorship strategy of our students to realize this critical goal. Our students participate in evaluation of our processes and procedures to ensure that the high quality of our programs is maintained. We are committed to continue doing this because we believe in it.


Prof. Faith Nguru

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, Research & Students Affairs