Prof. Muturi Wachira

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration (DVC-FAP) 


Education as Light that Brings Cohesion

The world is facing many challenges and especially problems related with cohesion and unity. This is particularly acute in Africa which is wrought with wars and other forms of dissension. 

 It is clear that even the most educated people in society have challenges living harmoniously. This is where Daystar University’s education offers the difference. 

 First, knowledge is seen as bringing light to a person’s mind, illuminating areas that were hitherto dark. In this context, the graduands have received substantial knowledge through the many lectures and interactions as they went through training that took various forms. The quest for knowledge therefore has just began. Daystar University equips its students to become servant leaders who will foster cohesion. As Jesus Christ taught, servant leadership focuses on others and not on self. Further, the University seeks to influence not only the minds of its students but also their hearts so that we produce individuals that have emotional intelligence and can be agents of positive change in society. 

 The Bible admonishes us to live at peace with all men. As graduands, I implore you to be agents of peace and reconciliation wherever you will find yourself. 

 Remember to keep to the word of God that you have been taught, for it is your light. Also remember that you carry the name of Daystar University and therefore you represent the University wherever you will be. 

 We wish you God’s blessings and favour. 

 Welcome All