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Welcome Message

What DIDS Does.

  • Premier Innovative Institute of Disability Studies majoring in Education, Training, Research, Assessment and Intervention, and Community outreach and engagement .

Who is DIDS

  • A distinguished Christ Centered Institute for the Transform the Church and Society in Africa and beyond

Daystar Institute & Disability Studies Focus

Daystar Institute of Disability Studies was launched in 21 of April 2021. 

Its focus is:-

  • Education and Training,
  • Research
  • Assessment and Intervention
  • Community outreach and engagement

Daystar Institute of Disability Studies (DIDS) Goals

 DIDS Goals include:

  • Providing education, training and support on all areas affecting persons with developmental, or other disabilities.
  • Conducting Research & Publications on Disability Studies
  • Advocating for welfare and policy implementation for people with disabilities
  • Networking and partnering with regional, national and international organizations spearheading agenda for Persons with Disability
  • Promoting communication within communities by collecting, organizing, and disseminating data on developmental and other disabilities,
  • Conducting activities for the welfare of PWLDs
  • Providing Technical assistance on a broad range of topics and issues related to Disability


Partnerships & Collaborations


  • Institute of Community Integration University of Minnesota (ICI-MN)
  • US State Department – Funding PWD Entrepreneurship Training in Kenya

Upcoming Collaboration

  • Kenya Institute of Special Education
  • Directorate of Special Needs Education
  • National Council of Persons with Disabilities









For further enquiry contact us on Email: or call 0709 972 000