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About Daystar University

Daystar University is a Christ-centred non-denominational institution of higher learning which exists to equip Christian servant leaders for the transformation of church and society. Founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as Daystar Publications in 1964, the institution was moved to Kenya in 1971 and registered as Daystar Communications, a non-profit organization in 1973 offering a five-week International Institute for Christian Communication (IICC) course. In 1976, Daystar Communications started a two-year post-high school diploma programme in Christian Communications, followed by a two-year M.A programme in Christian Communication and Christian Ministries in 1978, in collaboration with Wheaton College in Illinois, USA.

In April 1984, Daystar launched a four-year B.A. degree programmed in collaboration with Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, USA and changed its name to Daystar University College. On September 29, 1994 Daystar was granted a Charter by the Government of Kenya and became Daystar University. Since then, Daystar has continued to strengthen its academic offerings, research and extension services in response to emerging societal needs.

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Philosophy of the University

Daystar’s philosophy, as an academic institution, is the integration of faith and learning for transformational servant leadership. Daystar believes that faith is central to the holistic development of the human being and that such integration is inescapably linked to a cultural system. Daystar’s chosen faith is Christianity. Daystar University’s Christian philosophy of life and conduct, teaching, training and research, is founded on Christian principles and values based on the following Biblical Statement of faith and practice. As a community of people who follow Jesus Christ, we:

1. Affirm our belief in: (Read More)

  • 1.1. The one-eternal God in Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator and Lord of the world, who governs all things according to the purpose of His will, calling out of the world a people for Himself and sending them back into the world to be His servants and witnesses for the extension of His kingdom, the building of Christ’s Church and the glory of His name; 
  • 1.2. The one Saviour, Jesus Christ Himself being the only God-man, who died for the sins of mankind and was raised form the dead according to the Scriptures; the only ransom for sinners and mediator between God and man; who is exalted above every other name as Saviour of the world who offers forgiveness of sins and liberating gift of the Spirit to all who repent, believe and come to Him personally and so be reconciled to God; and those who reject Him repudiate the joy of salvation and condemn themselves to eternal separation from God;
  • 1.3. The Holy Spirit, sent by God the Father to bear witness to His Son, whose power and works among men lead to the conviction of sin, faith in Christ, new birth and Christian growth; and speaking through the Scriptures illumines the minds of God’s people in every culture to perceive the truth and discloses to the whole Church the wisdom of God;
  • 1.4. The divine inspiration, truthfulness and authority of the Old and the New Testament Scriptures as the Word of God with power to accomplish His purpose of salvation; the Gospel of Good News for the whole world addressed to all mankind for God’s revelation in Christ and the only infallible rule of faith and practice;
  • 1.5. The return of Jesus Christ personally and visibly in power and glory to consummate His salvation and judgment; the interim period being filled with evangelism by the people of God, who eagerly await Christ’s return, the coming of the new heaven and new earth in which righteousness will dwell and God will reign forever; and meanwhile rededicating themselves to the service of Christ and men in joyful submission to Christ’s authority over the whole of life.
  • 1.6. Acknowledge of the constant spiritual warfare with principalities and powers of evil which are seeking to overthrow the kingdom of God, and to frustrate the work of the Church, and the need for Christians to be equipped with God’s armour and to fight with spiritual weapons of truth and prayer, being watchful and discerning to safeguard the biblical gospel.

2. Are committed to: (Read More)

  • 2.1 The Church as the community of God’s people that is not identified with any particular culture, social or political system of human ideology; being the centre of God’s cosmic purpose and His appointed means of spreading the gospel to the world; and which needs to be closely united in fellowship, work, witness and functional cooperation for the furtherance of Church’s mission, and for mutual encouragement and the sharing of resources and experience;
  • 2.2 Christian churches that are deeply rooted in Christ and closely related to their cultures, always testing and judging such cultures in accordance with Scripture’s criteria for truth ad righteousness, insisting on their moral absolutes and seeking to transform and enrich them for the glory of God;
  • 2.3 The freedom of thought and conscience to practice and propagate the gospel in accordance with the will of God, and to remain faithful to the gospel whatever the cost;
  • 2.4 The sharing in God’s concern for justice and reconciliation throughout human society and for the liberation of man; evangelism and socio-economic and political involvement, without being afraid to denounce evil and injustice wherever they exist, being part of Christian duty and necessary expressions of Christian doctrines of God and man, love for one’s neighbour and obedience to Jesus Christ to exhibit His kingdom and to spread its justice and righteousness in the world;
  • 2.5 Christian education, training and research that is indigenous and developed by creative local initiatives according to biblical standards of doctrine, discipleship, evangelism, nurture and service to equip and encourage Christian leaders in Church and society to provide Christian style of leadership and service.
Daystar University Strategic Plan

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