Frequently Asked Questions

A. Academic Questions

Yes, Online Application is available on our website but one can also access the same by following this link:

The online application form is only available to applicants with a google email account Once your admission has been processed you will be called to collect the letter. It can as well be scanned and sent to you upon request

No, we do not admit with mock exams

Follow this link Academic Calendar to see the academic calendar. Continuing students return on the day classes begin , new students report a week in advance for freshmen orientation

At the moment as necessitated by the Covid-19 situation, our programmes are offered online. The University is working to register Online programmes with the Commission for University Education

Under normal circumstances this is a face-to-face programme but during the Covid-19 pandemic it is offered online. o

The University has established the ODeL (Online, Distance and Electronic Learning) Directorate and Board to ensure the continuity of Online study post- Covid-19 pandemic.

No. The Commission for University Education scrapped pre-university programme. However, you can pursue a diploma in the area of your choice and proceed to degree programme.

The University will fully reaopen for physical classes as soon as the government lifts Covid-19 regulations issued under the ministry of health and the ministry of eductation

Assuming such students completed their studies, they should simply apply for graduation. For more information contact

We offer a Certificate in Business Management, progressing to a Diploma in Purchasing and Business Logistics. For more information on admission requirements visit our Website,

Currently we do not. Certificate programs are full time. However, keep monitoring.

Yes, we do under the Dean of Students (Student Affairs Department). Our Student Placement Office helps with career advisory services and placements for internships and jobs, and can be reached on

Yes, we do. These are located in the respective Academic Schools and the Student Placement Office, in the Student Affairs Department.

The Commission for University Education discontinued exemptions. However, students who have done certain courses and performed well can apply to their HODs to challenge the courses at a fee. This is only allowable for First Year and Second Year courses. Exemptions or credit transfers are given for courses done within the same programme e.g. degree to degree, Diploma to Diploma and not lower to higher. The student will be required to fill the credit transfer form available at the Registrar’s Office attaching a transcript and course syllabus from the institution where he/she studied.

The University Learning Management System has sufficient capacity to administer exams and exam integrity concerns have been addressed through ODeL Policies.

A student is supposed to place their request through and they will be guided on how to receive their transcript.

Your Admission number is in your admission letter. For any enquiry please contact

Students are required to register individually on the Student Portal. Registration involves the following steps:

  • Students pay fees through the bank or via MPESA as guided in the Finance section and submit the payment slip to Finance.
  • Registrar opens the student Portal for financially cleared students to select courses.
  • Students select courses online as per the timetable and course offering with guidance from their respective Heads of Department
  • Students generate and print an Invoice

Students can add or drop a unit from their schedule without any financial penalty during the first two weeks after the start of the semester (this is the last day of the second week after reporting). In case of any difficulty you can get in touch with the registrar’s office on this email address
N/B. Dropping and adding a unit after two weeks into the semester will attract a penalty fee. Dropping or adding a unit after one will not be accepted unless you want to withdraw from the semester which will still attract full payment of fees.

  • Undergraduate students are allowed to register for a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester.
  • Exemplary performers with GPA of 3.40 or above can take a maximum of 15 hours per semester.
  • Postgraduates take a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester.

You may contact your lecturer directly or through your respective School Administrator on the relevant email address:

  • School of Arts and Humanities –
  • School of Business & Economics – iii) School of Communication –
  • School of Human & Social Sciences – v) School of Law –
  • School of Nursing –
  • School of Science, Engineering & Health – viii)DLDPI (Certificates) –

Withdrawal is allowed before two thirds of the semester is over. However, one will still be required to pay in full if the request is made after the second week of the semester. The request should be made in writing to the University Registrar or by filling the Withdrawal Request Form.

Class attendance in Daystar University is mandatory – and this includes online classes. Any student who misses more than 25% of the scheduled classes (including the first week of each semester) will receive a grade E (failure due to poor attendance).

Once the University Senate has approved semester grades, the Student Portal is opened for students to access grades.

Postgraduate students must maintain a minimum CUM GPA of 3.00 throughout the student program. He/she must have achieved a final minimum GPA of 3.00 in order to begin thesis/dissertation, and graduate.

All degree and diploma students must maintain a minimum semester GPA of 2.00 in addition to CUM GPA in all courses. Students with semester GPA below 2.00 in the January and August semesters are put on academic probation (Warning).

Yes, students with valid reasons can write to the University Registrar requesting to defer a semester.

Yes, but one can only apply after the first academic year and approval is based on performance. For a Minor, one should have a minimum GPA of 2.50 while for double Major the minimum is a GPA of 3.00.

If one misses exams for unforeseen reasons such as bereavements, job transfers, sickness, special exams will be given but the student must apply and provide written evidence from a credible source. One should apply within one academic year

Ensure you are in the exam room 30 mins before the exam starts and must have a valid Examination Card and a Student ID. No one will be allowed to sit for examinations without these two documents.

The policies and the University Calendar are outlined in the University Catalogue located on the University website under downloads. We are in the process of revising the 2017-2021 Catalogue. In the event you do not find it online, please contact your HOD through the School email address provided above.

The Student ID is issued by the Registrar’s Office and in case one loses it, it is replaceable at a fee by filling the ID Request Form which can be requested via Email address: . Students are required to always display the Students ID card while on campus.

Postgraduate programmes must be completed within five (5) years from admission. Extensions of time may be granted by the University Senate for a good reason, upon application through the Dean to the University Registrar. No extensions can be granted beyond seven (7) years from the beginning of course work for the postgraduate degree.

Undergraduate degrees must be completed within seven (7) years from the time of admission into the program. Extensions of time may be granted only for good reason upon application through the Dean to University Registrar. No extensions can be granted beyond ten (10) years from the beginning of course work for the degree.

We have three intakes all year round in January, May and August.

We currently don’t. Students on B.Ed school-based programme make their own accommodation arrangements.

While we have announced Evening classes for these programmmes and more at our Athi River campus, no one has applied.

MA and MBA programmes take two years

We have Evening and Day programmes. Evening students, however, also take some classes during the weekend

The School of Science, Engineering and Health currently only offers Applied Computer Science and Environmental Health, and still developing programmes that respond to market needs.

Our tracker studies show that Daystar graduates are competitive in the job market and highly employable, Our Alumni are spread out in various sectors including the media, NGOs, and corporate World among others.

Yes, you can transfer credits for courses that are equivalent in content up to a maximum of 49%.

Already the English language requirement for admission to Diploma in Communication is C (plain).

We offer nine certificate programmes with chances of progressing to diploma subject to qualification.

Diploma programmes are housed in the respective departments within the 7 Academic Schools.

Yes, we have diplomas offered on Nairobi and Athi River campuses. For more information contact

B. Finance Questions

The Finance department responds to emails within 24 hours. The Finance department can be reached on with cc to

The Finance Office (Nairobi) remains open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

The Finance Office is open under directives on social distancing. We however encourage the use of MPESA Paybill 209800, Account: student name; EFT and direct deposits to Daystar University account at Cooperative Bank, Athi River Branch, A/C No: 01120065209800

Students who are registered for either online or physical classes are required to pay fees. Access fee Structure

No, they will not. To overcome the challenge of accessing the e-learning platform one should raise their inquiry to or

No, personal and company cheques are not accepted.

Yes, for the continuing students. New students are required to pay their first semester fees in full.

Yes, we do. For more information visit

Our scholarships are only for undergraduate students. However, since June 2021, we have expanded Financial Aid opportunities to include Dr. Justus Muriithi Mathenge Scholarship for students taking masters in clinical physchology and the Schefers Servant Leadership loan program for masters and PhD students

D. Campus Questions

Yes, we our Main campus at Athi River along Mombasa Road.

Our Main Athi River Campus is located at the foot of Lukenya Hills along Nairobi-Mombasa Highway approximately 40 km from Nairobi City. While Nairobi Campus is located at the junction of Valley Rd. and Ngong Road opposite Nairobi Hospital.

We only have accommodation at the Athi River campus. However, we do recommend Nairobi campus students to vetted private Hostels we partner with.

Yes, there are. The cost ranges between Ksh 12,000 - 16,000. Please consult our Customer Care Desk for inquiries.

E. Communication Questions

We consider parents, guardians and sponsors key stakeholders who pay fees and therefore interested in the academic progress of students. As such, we make every effort to keep you informed about students’ progress and especially changes taking place during this Covid-19 season.