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SPIRO hosts Vuka Employment Workshop 2022

On April 1, 2022, the Daystar Student Placement and International Relations Office hosted the 2022 Vuka Employment workshop at the Valley Road Campus in partnership with Africa Transition Hub and the Institute of Human Resources Management (IHRM). 

The School of Business and Economics that offers Human Resource from diploma to PhD level was responsible for organizing the workshop. The training sessions covered topics such as the transition process from university into the workspace, searching for a job, CV, resume, cover letter writing, interview process, workplace etiquette, negotiation skills and many more. The trainers consisted majorly of human resource managers from various fields, consultants, and a recruiter. 

Representing Daystar University was Associate Dean of students- Nairobi Campus Mrs. Grace Karanja and the Placement and International Relations Officer, Mrs. Nita Kihiro. 

The event was hosted by Moses Gichuho, the Corporate Affairs Director of Afrika Transition Hub. Also in attendance was Loice Wairimu, a Daystar Alumnus who shared her experience of transitioning from university to the workplace and opportunities available when one puts themselves out there in school. She concluded by stating that one should have optimism when facing opportunities and challenges.  

Executive Director of Afrika Transition Hub, Mr. Jeffery Ferezy, also an alumnus of Daystar University shared the experience of his early years after graduating and the struggles of job hunting.  

“If you do not deal with your transition from school to work there is a high possibility that you're going to be part of the statistics that say that it takes 5 to 7 years for a graduate to get a job.”  He shared that his experience inspired him to start his own company Afrika Transition Hub that offers training for high school graduates, university students and already working individuals on career guidance.  

Irene Kimacia, Corporate Affairs Director at Institute of Human Resource Management, and a graduate of Daystar University, shared her early experience and the benefits of putting oneself out there. She talked about the human resource perspective and transition process. She advised students to focus on Self awareness; belief system;  persuasion; and desired impact. 

Training on topics such as job search and email writing, CV/Resume and cover letter writing. Ms. Jacqueline Kiarie and Buliba Hosea from Nairobi Women’s Hospital HR department, together covered the interview process, salary negation and benefits structure, CV/resume writing. 

The Founder of IHR Solutions Ltd, a human resource consultancy firm, which trains on the interview process, performing and self SWOT analysis Ms. Dorcas Nderitu advised students to adequately prepare for the interview.  

Alfred Mutuku representing Gap Recruitment Services also spoke on negotiation and research skills related to salary and persuasion skills in the work place.  

Loyce Odo Digital Communication and Fundraising Leader at Safal MRM Foundation spoke on communication skills including the importance of keeping good digital footprint. Last to speak was Mathangani Muya, a consultant from Pristine Management Solutions who trains in work place etiquette and knowledge transformation in job creation. They spoke of dress code and adopting new skills for employability in the workforce.