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Prof. Laban P. Ayiro 

Professor of Research Methods and Statistics

Title & Responsibilities

Vice-chancellor, Daystar University: Leadership, Administration of the HR, Academic and Extension activities of the University.

Professor of Research Methods Teaching Research Methods & Statistics to PhD and Masters students..


I have been a Chemistry teacher, Principal of several High Schools, Provincial Director of Education, Deputy Director of Staff Training (Kenya Education Management Institute), Senior Deputy Director for Policy and Planning at the Ministry Headquarters and Senior Deputy Director for Research and Curriculum Development at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

I am a Senior Fulbright Scholar having been to the USA in 2011- 2012 researching and teaching at the University of Texas A&M.

I am also a leading consultant in Research, Organizational Leadership and Performance. I have at Moi University worked as Director, Quality Assurance and Standards and hold a wide research and publication track record of over twenty publications.

Administratively, I have acted as Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration, Planning and Development and also as the Ag. Vice Chancellor Moi University. Currently, I am the Vice Chancellor of Daystar University.

I have skills in the area of Leadership and Management, research methods, strategic planning and management, organizational capacity building, team building, decision making & problem solving, research and report writing, training of trainers, trainer of entrepreneurs, proposal and project writing, computer literacy and grounded skills in the application of ICT in teaching instruction (pedagogy). I am also a peer- reviewer on Quality for the Commission of University Education in Kenya.

I am a full member of the Kenya Institute of Management, The African Network of Internalization of Education, The Academy of Human Resource Development and Women Educational Researchers of Kenya. As my contribution to the community I am the current Chairman of the Kakamega County Education Board, having served the board for the last 4 years.


  • Ph.D., Business Management, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 2008
  • M.A., International Relations, United States International University (USIU), Kenya 2004
  • M.Sc., Entrepreneurship Studies , Kenyatta University, 2003
  • M.Ed., Education Finance, Economics & Planning , University of Witwatersrand , South Africa, 2013
  • B.Ed., Teaching of Chemistry & Mathematics, McGill University,  Canada, 1984    
  • Research, Senior Fulbright Scholar, University of Texas A&M ,  USA, 2012    


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