Daystar Leadership and Professional Development Institute (DLPDI)

    Business environment is constantly changing and therefore requiring new strategies both to survive and to make meaningful progress. Business and organizational leaders need to constantly re-tool in order to respond to the changing dynamics. In recognition of this dynamism, Daystar University created the Daystar Leadership and Professional Development Institute (DLPDI) with a mandate to offer short courses that impart practical skills to professionals in the various sectors.

DLPDI short courses are run by two arms namely;

    1. Christian Ministries and Training (DLPDI-CMT) ILPD-Executive Education (DLPDI-exEDU)

    2. DLPDI-CMT’s courses are tailor-made for Church and community leaders while DLPDI-exEDU’s courses target corporate leaders


The DLPDI courses are designed to help business and organizational leaders to explore ways of moving their businesses forward. As such, the courses are conducted in a facilitative way with emphasis on current trends and practical ways that can help an organization fulfill its mandate. The courses are conducted in such a way that allows maximum interactions and networking among participants.

We at DLPDI warmly welcome you to consider taking some of our courses on offer. Our group of carefully selected and experienced facilitators in addition to our world-class facilities will make your experience memorable.

Prof. Abraham K. Waithima

Director, DLPDI