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19 Publications

Dr. Martin Munyao, PhD

Deputy Director, ODeL

Title and Responsibilities

Deputy Director, ODEL; Senior Lecturer, Peace and International Studies


I am an academician, and a researcher. I have authored, edited, and co-authored books and journal articles. As a postdoctoral fellow in the Global Research Institute (GRI) at Fuller Theological Seminary in the Center for Missiological Research (CMR). I am also a member of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (ASET) from 2019 to present. I sit in the Daystar University ODeL and ICT Boards.

Academic Qualifications

  • Post-doc fellow, 2020; Fuller Theological Seminary; Book Project title: “Migration, Interfaith Engagement and Mission.”
  • Ph.D. Missiology; 2017; Concordia Theological Seminary; Dissertation Title: “Linking Ancient Mediterranean with Contemporary Kenyan Pivotal Values of Honor-Shame: A Missional Appraisal of Baptist Theology in Kenya Through Honor- Shame Lenses”
  • M.Th. African Christianity; 2012; Daystar University; Thesis Title: “Material Deception in Prosperity Gospel: A Case of Mombasa Churches”
  • B.Th.; 2008; Scott Christian University

Publications (19 Publications)



  • Munyao, M. (2022). Decolonial Conversations in African Christianity Developing a Public Theology for Kenya. Transformation, SAGE Publications. 39(4).

  • Munyao, M, & Tanui, P. (2021). "Whiteness in Christianity and Decoloniality of the African Experience: Developing a Political Theology for ‘Shalom’ in Kenya" Religions 12, no. 11: 1006.

  • Munyao, M. (2021). “New Wine, Old Wineskins”: A Comparative Study of Interfaith Engagement and Transitional Justice in Kenya and South Africa. Journal of the British Academy, 9(s2), 103-125.
    DOI https://doi.org/10.5871/jba/009s2.103

  • Munyao, M., & Kithuka, E. (2021). The Role of Religion in Public Life. In Religion, Gender, and Wellbeing in Africa, 75.

  • Munyao, M. (2021). Migration, Interfaith Engagement, and Mission among Somali Refugees in Kenya: Assessing the Cape Town Commitment from a Global South Perspective One Decade On. Religions, 12(2), 129. https://doi.org/10.3390/rel12020129

  • Munyao, M. 2021. Creating Contemporary Wells in a City Hosting Refugees: A Case Study. Fuller Magazine; 19: 54-55.

  • Munyao, M. 2021. Migration Amidst Social and National Distancing: A Barrier or Opportunity for Mission During a Global
    Pandemic. Fuller Magazine; 19: 64-66.

  • Munyao, M. (2021, June). Reclaiming Biblical Lament in Worship For Social Justice in Kenya. Christianity Today, 65(4).

Research Interests

  • Missions, Migration, Interfaith Engagement,
  • African Christianity, and
  • Conflict and Conflict Transformation
  • Peacebuilding
  • Transitional Justice
  • Political Economy of Education


Ethics of War and Peace, Theology of Peacebuilding, Introduction to Political Science, Advocacy: The Church’s Mission for a Just Society

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