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Prof. Abraham K. Waithima

Director, DLPDI; Associate Professor of Economics

Title and Responsibilities

B.A. Economics (Moi University), M.Sc. Economics (Addis Ababa University), PhD Economics (University of Cape Town, SA).

Organizational Board Member at Vision Fund Kenya

Board representative at LOLC Microfinance Kenya Limited, Fusion Capital Africa

Teaching, Research, and Student Mentorship


Prof. Abraham Waithima holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and is an Associate Professor of Economics at Daystar University. He boasts of 25 years of experience at the university level.

From 2019-2021, Prof. Waithima took up VC’s position at the University of Kigali, Rwanda. As the Vice Chancellor, he chaired the Senate, Management Board, Finance and Human Resource sub-committee and Secretary to the University Council. As the VC, Prof. Waithima led the restructuring of the finance and human resource functions of the University and the formulation of the University’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. He has consulted for several organizations including APHRC, Kenya’s Ministry of Education, Stafford International University in Juba, Australian Council for Education Research (ACER), TJRC/UNDP, FHI360, MESPT, Practical Action and Farm Concern

International, among others. Prof. Waithima is currently consulting for the InterUniversity Council of East Africa in a project titled “Survey on the impact of COVID19 on higher education, its business implication and proposed recovery strategy”. The project objectives are to: Identify the varied responses to the COVID-19 pandemic at the institutional, national, and regional levels, assess the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on higher education activities within the EAC region, develop strategies for mitigating the impact of the pandemic in the short, medium, and long terms. In 2017, Prof. Waithima concluded a continent-wide market feasibility study funded by APHRC aimed at determining the feasibility of an online alumni tracking system. Prof. Waithima was the Project Manager in a project funded by Australian Council for Education.

Research. The project aimed at assessing the levels of numeracy and literacy among children in 5 counties in Kenya. Prof. Waithima has spearheaded the development of numerous curricula; he has supervised over 100 masters as well as several PhD theses. Prof. Waithima is the Board Chairman for Daystar Institute of Disability Studies

(DIDS). He is a member of the Academic and Student life committee of the Africa International University Council. He is a member of Daystar University Ethics Review, a Board member in CITAM Christian Education and Discipleship, vice chairman of Private University Research Consortium of Kenya (PURCK). He is a member of council for Starford International University College in Juba. He was a member of the Academic committee of the council for Pan-African Christian University. At Daystar University, Prof. Waithima has played several key roles including being member of Senate, Management board, job evaluation committee and a member of Council. Prof. Waithima has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals, books and book chapters. Prof. Waithima’s latest publication is a November 2020 book titled “Introduction to Inferential Statistics and Data Analysis for Decision Making”. Prof Waithima an active member of CITAM Ngong. He is a retired member of the deacon board for CITAM having served 2 terms.

Academic Qualifications

PhD Economics 2011 University of  Cape Town.

MSc Economics 1995 Addis Ababa University

BA 1992 Moi University

Publications (18 Publications)



  • Irankunda, A., Musau, C. and Waithima, A. (2018) The Influence of Sources of Social Media Communication on Building Brand Equity in Small Medium Enterprises in Kenya: A Case of Dotsavvy Limited. Journal of Marketing and Communication, 1(1) pp. 43-60 https://stratfordjournals.org/journals/index.php/journal-of-marketing/article/view/149

  • Mbiriri M., Waithima A., and Omondi M. (2017) Psychiatric Morbidity among Adolescents Girls Incarcerated at Kirigiti and Dagoretti Rehabilitation Schools in Kenya. American Journal of Applied Psychology, 5(2) pp. 57-62

  • Ngure P., Nzau, A., Kiarie, M., Waithima, A., Bowen, M., Ingonga, J., and Ngumbi, P (2017) From Mud and Stick-Walled Houses to Corrugated Iron Sheet Houses: A New Strategy for Preventing Human-Vector Contact in Marigat Sub-County; a Leishmaniasis-Endemic Area in Kenya. Annals of Clinical Cytology and Pathology 3(8) https://www.jscimedcentral.com/ClinicalCytology/clinicalcytology-3-1083.pdf

  • Waithima, A. & Burns, J. (2014) Does gender composition matter in corruption? Experimental evidence from Kenya. Africa Development Journal, 38(1)

  • Ngure, P, Ngumbi, P, Karanja, R, Waithima, A. et al (2013) Effects of Metarhizium anisopliae on sandfly populations in their natural habitats: A cross-sectional study in Marigat, Baringo, Kenya. Working paper

  • Waithima, A. (2012) Religiosity and individual-level corruption: European Scientific Journal. 8(20) pp. 62-80 http://eujournal.org/index.php/esj/issue/view/40 Working paper

  • Waithima, A (2012) Ruin is now the destiny of every Kenyam, unless we change course. Daily Nation 4th August 2012. http://www.nation.co.ke/oped/Opinion/-/440808/1470590/-/item/0/-/1u3g5kz/-/index.html

  • Waithima, A. (2008) Egg or the Chick first; Saving or GDP Growth: Case for Kenya. KCA Journal of Business Management. 1(1) Working paper https://www.ajol.info/index.php/kjbm/article/view/43817

  • Waithima, A. (2007)   Corruption and Economic Growth in Kenya. Perspectives: An Academic Journal of Daystar University. 1(2) pp 69-83. Working paper

Book Chapters

Research Interests

Economics, Experimental Economics, Impact Evaluation


Economics, Statistics, Quantitative Methods at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD

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