Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

BSc. (Environmental Health) is a preventive medicine - and intervention- focused major that aims to protect, prolong and promote health among the populations. Disease etiology, individual factors, environmental factors, cultural influences, and strategies for addressing and understanding vulnerable groups are studied in this major. It is a complementary field to medical training; indeed where public health programs are effective, prevalence of disease goes down and the population is much healthier.


A mean grade of C+ (plus) and above in KCSE, or 5 credits in IGCSE with 2 credits passes in A level or division 2 in GCE.

Course description

Healthcare leaders agree that “prevention of diseases is better than cure” hence BSc. (Environmental Health) is a leading medically inclined major in both developed and developing countries since it is directed towards making the population healthier through preventing diseases and providing intervention services.

The Core pillars of BSc. (Environmental Health) include Port Health, Water Sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Disease prevention & control, Occupational Health & Safety, Basic sciences, Community health, Pollution control, Built Environment & planning, Food Safety & Quality Control, Public Health Legislation & Enforcement, and Research & research methods. .

Possible careers
  • Public Health Officer
  • Community health Officer
  • Environmental Health Specialists
  • Epidemiologist
  • Port health officer
  • Water and Sanitation manager
  • Health educators
  • Public Health Prosecutor
  • Health Project manager
  • Project M&E manager
  • Disaster management specialist
  • EIA/EA expert
  • Building & Construction consultant
  • Health and Safety Officers
  • Occupational Health Specialists
  • Public Health/Environmental consultant
  • Nutrition officer

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