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Financial Aid Available in Daystar University 

The broad range of financial aid programmes enables the University to cater for a wide range of applicants. Some of the available scholarships are need based while others are based on academic merit. Applicants who meet the above qualifications will have to first apply and be admitted to Daystar University before the Scholarship application is processed. Daystar Cares.

The Schefers Servant Leadership Loan Programme

Daystar University student loan program is designed to complement the already existing scholarship program by helping more students to meet their school fees obligations. The loan is funded by donations. The $250,000 USD (KES 25Million) to start the loan program was given by a married couple, El & Barb Schefers (aged 80 as at January 2021). Both were born to hard-working, low- income parents in North Central USA. With parents financially unable to help, El worked and got a small Student loan to complete his business degree. Barb was a full-time homemaker and care giver to their 4 children & 10 grandchildren, while El spent 40+ years working long hours selling Insurance. They were blessed with a good enough income to buy a small farm on which to raise their family and living modestly, they were also able to also help others like the Salvation Army locally.

The Schefers also helped 40 Daystar US scholarship students over many years. In the year 2013 on a Daystar University visit, they were impressed by the quality and character of 6 of these students and their hopes to help others have a better life and an education like they had received. Now retired, the Schefers took some of their savings and proceeds from the sale of part of the small farm to start the loan program. The Schefers want to have the program to grow over time to be their legacy of doing good now and through many years to come.

 The loan program is entirely administered by Daystar University (DU). Daystar US (DUS), the fundraising arm of the University advises, but final decisions on the loan programs operation are made by DU. The program is operating as a revolving fund with the following features.

  • The amount donated has been invested with only the interest from the investment being available for the loan Program.
  • It is mainly targeting graduate students who currently do not benefit from other existing Daystar scholarship program. However, undergraduate students will also be considered.
  • The students will be offered an internship program at the University especially as Graduate Assistants/Tutors. There will also be efforts to partner with other institutions which can offer internships for the students.
  • The essence of the internship program is to propagate the Daystar values of servant leadership through mentorship in work ethics and giving back to the University. This is in addition to enabling the beneficiaries meet the loan repayment obligation to enhance growth of the fund.
  • The internship will run for a period of 3 months. The loan will be will be KES 90,000 per semester. The amount could however vary depending on a student’s need and ability to repay.
  • The loan awarded to the student will be recovered from the internship earnings. The student will be required to work within the year during which the loan is awarded. Those who will not take up the internship, will be required to pay the loan from their own resources.
  • The interest rate will 6% per annum on reducing balance basis.
  • The matched funds and interest earned from the loan will boost the revolving fund while the principle will be ploughed back to the endowment fund.

Application for the Schefers Loan Programme is open, click the tab below to download the application form.

Schefers Loan Programme Application Form

Dr. Justus Muriithi Mathenge Scholarship

This scholarship was proposed by Dr. Lilian Muriithi-Ollows (PhD, MBA, BCom), the daughter of a Daystar graduate the late Dr. Justus Muriithi Mathenge who graduated posthumously in year 2019 with a PhD Clinical Psychology. Dr. Lilian’s intention is to honor her father with this scholarship. On an email she had written to Dr. Alice Munene proposing this scholarship, she stated “My father was very passionate about his work in Psychology and enjoyed his studies at Daystar University. He considered the faculty and community at Daystar University as his second family and I believe that there is no better way to preserve his memory, in an institution he so loved, than to give back to others to continue the work he enjoyed.”

 Dr Lilian further asserted that the simple goal of the scholarship was to enhance the Clinical Psychology career. She was excited to know that Daystar had begun a Master in Clinical Psychology program. She felt that it would be the right level to offer the scholarship because a student pursuing Clinical Psychology at Masters’ level was likely to be clear that this was the area he/she would like to practice and build a career in. She desired that in keeping with the goal of the scholarship, she would like the scholarship to be awarded to a Masters’ student that shows promise in this area, assessed based on need and academic merit.

The scholarship would have the following aspects;

  • Beneficiary should be a 1st year student of Masters’ in Clinical Psychology (MCP)
  • Must have met all the other Daystar University scholarship award criteria which are;
    a) financial need
    b) Christian character and commitment to serve Jesus Christ
    c) academic performance (Student must attain and maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 and above).
  • The scholarship funds to be contributed by Dr. Lilian Muriithi-Ollows under this collaboration shall be 50% of the tuition fee per student annually.
  • The scholarship will support only one MCP student in the year 2021/2022 and an additional one scholarship every year.
  • Information on the scholarship will be available on the Daystar website. Applications for the year 2021/2022 will open on 2nd August 2021.

For inquiries contact:

Daystars' Scholarships

Daystar University sets aside over KES 30 million each year to assist approximately 300 students through a variety of scholarships and other financial aid. Eligibility and application process varies depending on the kind of scholarship.

 Our scholarships fit a variety of our students’ needs. They include:

  • Daystar Family and Daystar Sunday partial Scholarships – a one-time scholarship award aimed at helping students who have not completed paying their fees, sit for their exams.
  • Academic Merit Scholarship - a first year scholarship offered to students who have a mean score of A or A- in KCSE and have applied for admission to Daystar.
  • Book Award - available annually to 6 students who have the highest GPA in their respective year of study.
  • Selected Scholarship - covers 75% of the tuition costs and the beneficiaries are re- evaluated annually
  • Hardship Scholarship - offered to students who cannot afford to sustain themselves in Daystar even with the 75% scholarship, thus are given a full scholarship.
  • Recommended Scholarship - these are initiated by the donor who then gives full or partial support.
  • Work-study Programme - students are awarded about KES 40,000 per semester but they have to work for 10 hours in a week. Work study scholarship is given on a need basis.
  • Also there are some scholarships available specifically to women and other special interest groups both in undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Merit Scholarship Awards for 2020/2021 Academic Year

Daystar University is pleased to announce eight (8) Undergraduate Freshman Entry Scholarships for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Applicants who meet the qualifications outlined below should first apply and be admitted to Daystar University before applying for a Scholarship.

  • Academic Merit Scholarship – 5 Awards

    Applicants must have completed KCSE either in 2019 or 2020 and scored a mean grade of B (Plain) and above or its equivalent.

    • Bachelor of Laws Scholarship – 2 Awards
    • Other Undergraduate Programme Scholarships – 3 Awards
  • Sports Merit Scholarship – 3 Awards

    Applicants must have scored a K.C.S.E mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE or 5 Credits in IGCSE; or 2 Principal Passes in ‘A’ Level or Division 2 in GCE or 50% from other countries using percentages or their equivalent. They must also have certificates of competition from the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association and testimonials from their School Sports Tutor or Games Master. This scholarship is available in the following categories.

    • Rugby – 1 Award
    • Basketball (Ladies) – 1 Award
    • Volleyball (Ladies) – 1 Award
  • Other Requirements

    Other general eligibility requirements include:

    • Be a committed Christian
    • Must have sat high school examination in 2019 or 2020.
  • Required Documents

    Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

    • Admission letter to Daystar University.
    • A cover letter with telephone number and email address.
    • Personal faith statement and statement explaining why you wish to join Daystar University
    • A biographical statement and statement of vocational goals.
    • Letter of recommendation from your pastor or youth pastor
    • A copy of your high school result slip and sports competition certificates.
    • Testimonials from Sports Tutor / Games Master.

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Schefers Loan Programme Application Form