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The purpose of the Accounting major programme is to prepare persons who are serving or intend to serve as accountants in public and private sector organizations, to handle their duties efficiently and with confidence. The programme is designed to produce dependable, reliable, dedicated and efficient executives and entrepreneurs capable of performing accounting duties the way such duties should be performed, with undoubted honesty.


Applicants to the Bachelor of Commerce must fulfil entry requirements that apply to all Daystar undergraduate students, i.e. An overall minimum grade of C+ in KCSE or equivalent . In addition they must have obtained at least a Grade of C (plain) in Mathematics.

Specifically, the goals of the major are:
  • to develop in the student an understanding of the major areas of accounting, economics, quantitative methods, management information systems, computer applications, statistics, marketing, costing, auditing and business law;
  • to prepare the student to apply the principles learned in the performance of accounting duties, upon completion of the course, and to apply Christian principles of integrity, dependability and honesty in the performance of such duties;
  • to enable the student to be in a position to take up any other alternative job, such as the job of auditor, treasurer, tax assessor, supplies officer, teacher of business subjects or development coordinator in a church or a public or private sector organization;
  • to prepare the student to be of service to voluntary organizations such as churches and welfare organizations in the field of accounting in his/her spare time; and
  • to prepare interested, capable students for post graduate studies in business.

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