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As years go by, the world is becoming more and more an electronic global village. This poses many challenges like privacy, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information held in individual/ organizational database. This calls for both individual and organizations to keep abreast with the current information technology for effective protection and efficient production by optimizing the technology. There is a dire need of people who are well literate in the usage of computers to assist in the production of data and information that will go along way in helping managers to make good decisions. Therefore, this program will seek to address this shortage/gap.


Applicants to the Bachelor of Commerce must fulfil entry requirements that apply to all Daystar undergraduate students, i.e. An overall minimum grade of C+ in KCSE or equivalent . In addition they must have obtained at least a Grade of C (plain) in Mathematics.

Specifically, the goals of the major are:
  • prepare students to be servant leaders in a business environment or other organization to develop and implement information systems for business management and:
  • create an in depth understanding of performing a needs analysis and the design development, and implementation of information systems in their in a business environment including data base management;
  • prepare the student to have a broad general understanding of the latest computer technology as it is applied to information systems within the organization, including networking and programming;
  • provide the student with a solid base in business administration, management, strategic planning, forecasting, and policy formulation;
  • develop in the student a foundational understanding of business administration process such as accounting , human resource management, marketing , inventory control, capacity planning and material requirement planning and how these can be integrated into an information system;
  • challenge the student to practice being a responsible citizen who will apply Christian principles of morality, integrity, honesty and ethics in his or her profession as an expression of his or her Christian commitment;
  • prepare the student to enter an advanced degree program in information systems or other post graduate program. To prepare and equip the student to practice his vocation as a Christian business person in church, par church organizations, government and private business.

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