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The programme is broadly based and aims at developing the students into mature people who have the right relationship with God and the people around them, men and women who know themselves and who can use their talents and opportunities available in the environment to serve mankind. They will see the need to aim high and will want to improve their standards of performance, and their lives.

Thus, while aiming at being executives in management, accounting and other professional fields, they will be prepared through studying such subjects as theology, communication and natural science, to have a world view based on Christian principles and values. The courses will enable them to understand the African cultural heritage and will develop in them valuable attributes such as industry, diligence, dependability, integrity and faithfulness


Applicants to the Bachelor of Commerce must fulfil entry requirements that apply to all Daystar undergraduate students, i.e. An overall minimum grade of C+ in KCSE or equivalent . In addition they must have obtained at least a Grade of C (plain) in Mathematics.

Specifically, the goals of the major are:
  • to encourage the student to consider a business profession or career as a worthy means of serving God, country and self;
  • to challenge the student to practice Christian principles of integrity and honesty in the church and market place as an expression of his/her Christian commitment;
  • to prepare and equip the student to practice his vocation as a Christian business person in church, para church organizations, government, and private business;
  • to develop in the student a foundational understanding of the major areas of business administration and management, in accounting, management informatioin systems, computer applications, economics, statistics, management, marketing, human resource management and business law;
  • to provide the student with the necessary basic skills, knowledge, and methods for the successful practice of a business vocation; and
  • to prepare the interested, capable student for post graduate studies in business.

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