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The supply chain management concept is currently revolutionizing global business. Modern business organizations are becoming more and more aware that the management of logistics activities, also referred to as supply chain management, has tremendous impact on sales and corporate profitability. As African enterprises attempt to compete with foreign imports or find a place for African products and services in world markets, there is a growing demand for graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to use the tools of modern supply chain management to create:

  • significant cost savings for the firm, it’s partners in the supply chain, and the final customer;
  • increased focus on the needs of the customer, improved customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, increased sales and profits.
  • marketing tools that yield major competitive advantages for the firm

The Purchasing and Business Logistics major at Daystar is a broad based programme of study aimed at developing servant leaders and managers who are well trained and skilled in all aspects of creating value for customers and for the firm by management of purchasing and other logistics functions. The programme is prepare students for careers in purchasing, inventory management, packing and materials handling, warehousing and stores management, transportation, forecasting, production control, customer service management, project management, field service and support, international logistics, logistics information systems, and management of integrated supply chain functions.

The curriculum focuses on developing the quantitative tools necessary for application of computer based logistics management systems, and for integrating supply chain management principles and techniques with the other functions of the firm. It also carefully combines specialized purchasing and logistics courses with a solid foundation in the humanities and basic business disciplines to give the student a world view based on Christian principles and values as well as a complete understanding of the international business environment. Graduates will be well prepared to undertake studies leading to an MBA or a Masters in Supply Chain or Logistics Management. Whereas there are many colleges and universities in Africa offering degree programs in Marketing, Business Administration & Management, Economics, and Accounting; there are few universities in Kenya offering a comprehensive and holistic study of managing both the supply and demand fulfilment activities of a firm’s business. The Daystar University program is unique in Africa in the breadth and depth of preparation of its graduates to take on positions of responsibility and leadership in managing supply chain functions in the modern business environment.


Applicants to the Bachelor of Commerce must fulfil entry requirements that apply to all Daystar undergraduate students, i.e. An overall minimum grade of C+ in KCSE or equivalent . In addition they must have obtained at least a Grade of C (plain) in Mathematics.

Specifically, the goals of the major are:
  • Preparing servant leaders in a business, NGO, or other organization to develop and implement modern purchasing and
  • supply chain management procedures appropriate to the African environment.
  • Explaining the role and functions of purchasing and business logistics in the organization, and integrating the quantitative and general management skills of these functions into the operations of the organization.
  • Mastering purchasing and logistics resources and support systems and how to access them for the benefit of the firm.
  • Providing a solid base in business administration, management, strategic planning, and policy formation and being prepared to assist top management in including purchasing and logistics into strategic and annual planning efforts to reduce costs, improve customer service and satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.
  • Acquiring skills in proper planning and implementation of modern, cost effective organizations for purchasing, inventory management, transportation, warehousing and stores, packing and materials handling, production planning and control, project management, management of service operations, customer service, international logistics, and logistics planning and control.
  • Developing a responsible citizen who will apply Christian principles of morality, integrity, honesty and ethics in his/her profession.
  • Sensitizing the student to seek for further studies in Logistics or for an MBA.

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