Master of Business Admimistration (MBA)

About the Programme


The 21st century organizations operate within an increasingly intricate framework of interrelated environments, with disparate stakeholders whose expectations of business include profit maximization, public policy compliance, and ethical responsibility.

The Daystar Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree is a broad based, internationally oriented programme that aims at providing advanced skills in selected business and management disciplines including practical exposure in the application of those skills in a contextualized perspective.

The program also aims at giving opportunity to working executives aiming at high standards of attainment so as to be able to understand the organizational work environment and to enhance their ability to contribute positively to the organizational welfare and development. The course will also benefit those students completing first degrees and intending to take careers in private, public and other organizations in the areas of finance, marketing, strategic management and human resource management


Bachelors Degree from an accredited university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale or an Upper Second Class Honours. A Lower Second Class Honours with 2 years' relevant work experience may be considered.

  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • To enable the student to acquire advanced knowledge in such areas as finance; accounting; marketing; economics; social and ethical issues in management; investment; human resource management and other business disciplines;
  • To equip the student with knowledge and skills needed for playing an effective role in the running of organizations in this age of diversity and change;
  • To enable the student to learn how to obtain knowledge they will need to keep abreast with new developments in the ever changing and competitive global environment.
  • To assist the student to understand the need for economic interdependence between the various countries in the world today.
  • To enable the student to understand the realities of global economic problems and to acquire skills that will enable them to play an important role in their organization’s efforts to cope with the problems.
  • To provide opportunity for the student to exchange knowledge with students from other countries.
  • To provide the student with opportunity to learn to be creative and innovative managers by gaining knowledge about what creative and innovative managers are doing in the local and international business scene.
  • To enable students to adopt firm Christian values and ethics that will enable them to contribute to the building of a just society within the organizations, in the countries, and in the world as a whole.
  • To provide the student with opportunity to learn to be a manager with an international outlook by studying such subjects as general management, advanced international management, advanced international marketing and international finance.
  • To enable the student to learn to be a socially responsive manager who has a desire to respond positively to the social, economic and environmental problems in the world, both in the role of executive, and as volunteer workers, giving assistance to the under privileged, the suffering and those who assist in the effort to eliminate poverty and improve people’s standards of living.
Student Assesment

Course grades for the MBA program generally are derived 60% from the final examination and 40% from continuous assessment items, except for Research Projects or Thesis courses and Independent Study. Thesis or Projects will be based 90% on final paper and 10% on continuous assessment items. However, for most courses the relative weight might vary from course to course depending on its nature and would be specified in the course syllabi by respective course instructors.


All grades below “C” (including grade of “C “) will carry no graduate credit and will be calculated as zero grade points. A GPA of 3.00 must be maintained by graduate students to retain good academic standing and graduate. Undergraduate courses taken as prerequisites or for other reasons are not calculated in the GPA for determining good standing, nor do they receive graduate credit towards the degrees.


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